As the party, ummm... I mean funeral, was winding down, we grabbed some protest signs and took a short walk to PATH's prepared funeral pyre.  Burn, baby, burn!  Unfortunately, none of the PATH guys showed up and volunteered to jump into the fire, so we tossed in boxes of old literature, including the letter signs we used at the Manchin demonstration in Shepherdstown in 2008, the day the original route was abandoned.

We've done just about everything we could think of short of driving a wooden stake through PATH's heart (since PATH is heartless that would be an exercise in futility) to kill this stupid project.  Give up, PATH, and stay dead!

Tomorrow... the last of the funeral pictures... the miscellaneous candid shots of the "mourners."


Na Na Boo Boo
05/31/2011 3:58pm

Liar, Liar, PATH's on fire!


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