Lucky me!  I keep running into TrAIL in my recent travels.  Once we came across it somewhere in Hampshire County, WV, and once again while traveling Rt. 66 W in Virginia to I-81.  It's huge, it's ugly, it has balls, and it wrecks scenic views from miles away.

The continuation of the TrAILCo WV PSC hearing is scheduled for this Friday.  To see how Allegheny Energy's TrAILCo contractors cleared rights-of-way down to the bare earth in violation of stipulated clearing practices, testimony and evidence filed in the case is available by searching the WV PSC for Case No. 09-1758-E-C.

You can watch the continuation of the hearing live as it happens on the WV PSC's webcast.  The hearing begins at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, July 15, and will probably last most of the day.  If you're unable to watch live but want to know what's happening, I'll be watching it and posting updates in the comments section of this post like I did last time, so keep checking back.

Here's more about the case from a press release:

Public Hearing on Re-vegetation of TrAIL Transmission Line Right-of-Way, July 15th, Charleston

West Virginia Property Owners ask that Allegheny Energy Protect Streams and Rivers along the Powerline Right-of-Way by Restoring Vegetation

Tucker County, West Virginia. July 12, 2011 – Property owners along the length of the new Allegheny Energy (TrAILCo) 500 kV line asked the W.Va. Public Service Commission (PSC) in 2009 to make TrAILCo follow the conditions of their permits for protection of streams and forests along their transmission line through the state. The TrAILCo 500 kV line carries electricity from western Pennsylvania, through northern West Virginia to the Washington D.C area. Although Allegheny Energy is now
a subdivision of FirstEnergy, the case that began in 2009 continues. In the spring of 2011 an initial hearing was held in Charleston and TrAILCo determined that they needed more time to prepare a response to the citizens' complaint. On July 15th a second hearing will
be held to allow TrAILCo to address the accusations of illegal cutting and clearing.

Citizen complainants have provided evidence that TrAILCo cleared the right-of-way for their 500 kV line in ways that threaten the health of streams and contrary to PSC orders in 2008. TrAILCo has claimed that the clearing was mostly out of their control.  The hearing on July 15th will allow TrAILCo to explain why the company is not responsible for the clearing that threatens water quality in the streams crossed by the transmission line. The transmission line crosses streams 126 times in West Virginia and the PSC required that trees and shrubs be left in valley bottoms, particularly near streams.  The citizens identified multiple locations, including Prickett's Creek (Marion Co.) and the North River (Hardy Co.), where TrAILCo did not leave trees or shrubs near streams and argue that TrAILCo excessively cleared many valley and stream crossings, contrary to PSC orders.

In pre-hearing filings the complainants have asked that the PSC make TrAILCo restore vegetation to the stream banks and to valley bottoms where TrAILCo removed
stream-side trees and brush. The complainants are also asking that the PSC require any future transmission line construction provide better protection to streams and rivers.  The hearing to resolve the complaint concerning TrAILCo's clearing of the right-of-way for their transmission line will be held in the PSC Howard Cunningham Hearing Room, 201 Brooks Street, Charleston, West Virginia starting at 8:30am.



07/14/2011 6:25am

I will be watching as much as I can
It is like a day at the circus with that clown melick jumping up out of his seat every 30 seconds to object to everything
Cheers to Trail for completely blowing this case!!!!

Hair Club
07/14/2011 9:36am

Will we be able to see Melick's bald spot on the video again?

07/14/2011 1:11pm

Do you suppose melick will stay up all night cramming for it? Or just toss and turn all night worrying about how foolish he looks? Will he look haggard? Or just old and gross like usual? Worried that his bald spot is getting too big for a comb over?

07/15/2011 7:07am

There appears to be some question on the part of the commission about how much trailco's expert witness relied on information trailco gave him

And I'm glad my hair didn't catch on fire from the pissed off expression


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