After AEP accused FirstEnergy of using "high-priced lobbyists" in their commercial last week, FirstEnergy swats back by accusing AEP of using "a totally made up group" to attempt to sway electric consumer opinion in the state of Ohio.

I give FirstEnergy an 8 on their new door-to-door commercial.  I laughed!  Of course, I probably laughed for a whole bunch of other reasons that they didn't intend. ;-)  Creativity improvement, FE!

Unfortunately for FirstEnergy, AEP responded by dumping their "totally made up group" and re-directing all traffic on to their AEP-Ohio Answers website. Presto!  No more "made up group"!  It took AEP about 5 minutes to pop FirstEnergy's balloon.

AEP has added a new video to their "totally legitimate group."  They've taken Pablo outside, away from the corporate ego wall, where he can compete with traffic noise and distractions while he drones on for over two minutes.  Who do you think is going to watch that, AEP?  Nobody cares!  Even I stopped listening after about 15 seconds and spent more time looking at Pablo's ugly tie.  For some reason I started thinking about a telephone I had circa 1978:
And then I just started thinking about 1978.  Much more interesting than anything Pablo had to say.

Lobbyists and "totally made up groups."  It takes one to know one, doesn't it fellas?  Both companies were as thick as thieves spending ratepayer money on lobbyists and front groups while trying to get their PATH transmission project approved in WV, MD & VA over the past four years.  In fact, they are currently facing two formal complaints at FERC about their spending of well over a million dollars on lobbyists and front groups.  Obviously the companies know it's wrong and that public knowledge of lobbyists and front groups can turn public opinion against an idea or proposal.

What's next?  How about some testimonial and transfer from well-paid "experts," or perhaps more accusations that the other company has exerted improper pressure on PUCO to get their way?  1, 2, 3, go....


05/22/2012 2:16pm

I am tired of pablo and donny. let's kick it up a notch and hear from akins and alexander they are more regular than these lower level henchmen. akins can star in a garage band commercial and alexander can............... star in a community theater production of "The Godfather"?

05/22/2012 4:40pm

Makes me want to dial 1-800-shut-up!


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